Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Conferring and re-conferring, the judges have decided - just this afternoon - on the winners of the 2nd annual Teen Poetry Contest.  This year there were 25 entries, 18 from middle school age students, and 7 from high school age students.  Last year for the 2011 contest there were 27 entries, 7 entries from middle school students, and 20 from high school students. Winning poems will soon be posted on the Poetry page of this blog. Many thanks to our three judges for their work in scoring the poems, Jan Dempsey, Dede McManus, and Daniel Sklar.  ...and the winners are:
Three Nazi Teens, One Jewish Man, by Chip Cring, 
for Best Entry Grades 6-8.
You Don't Know Me, by Amy Thissell, 
for Second Place Grades 6-8.
Human, by Mariah Manter, 
for Honorable Mention Grades 6-8, and Director's Choice Award.
Breakfastime, by Savannah Panjwani, 
for Honorable Mention Grades 6-8.
The Better, by Fiona Worsfold, 
for Honorable Mention Grades 6-8.
They Said, by Devin Hoyle, 
for Best Entry Grades 9-12.
The "C" Word, by Jack Schreuer, 
for Second Place Grades 9-12.
Insignificant Words that Pale in Comparison to Nights they fail to Describe, by Jack Schreuer, 
for Honorable Mention Grades 9-12.
You are invited to hear the contest winners read their poem aloud, 
at the: 
Poetry Contest Reception
Tuesday, May 15, 6:30pm to 8pm, 
H-W Library first floor meeting room
The featured speaker at the Poetry Contest Reception 
will be Carla Panciera.  Ms. Panciera has published fiction, poetry and memoir in several journals including The Chattahoochee Review, The New England Review, Painted Bride and Nimrod. Her first book of poetry, One of the Cimalores, received the 2004 Cider Press Book Award. Her second volume of poetry, No Day, No Dusk, No Love, was awarded the 2010 Bordighera Poetry Prize. She lives in Rowley, MA, and teaches high school English.
Following Ms. Panciera, poetry contest winners and honorable mentions will read or recite their poem aloud. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Art Scene: Girl Topia Exhibit

Twelve words, six interlocking pieces, and a vision of Girl Topia. Senior Girl Scout Troop, Troup 60111, has put an exhibit of their work in the teen area of the Library.  The title of their show is "Girl Topia."  Each girl created a piece that contains two puzzle pieces, to represent two words, that describes their vision of "Girl Topia."

Below are the names of the girls 
with the title of their particular piece: 

Jenna Crosbie, Light and Laughter 
Audrey DeLorenzo, Beauty and Love 
Laura Jennings, Imaging and Equality
Maddi O'Connor, Paradise and Dream 
Liz Perrotta, Vision and Friendship 
Kate Vanier, Dance and Create
Girl Topia will run in conjunction with Annie Li and Hannah Kwon's show (see previous Art Scene post).  Both shows will be on view until the end of May.