Friday, February 25, 2011


To read back issues of popular magazines not available in the library as a physical subscription you must enter the realm of databases (be brave, it's only a few clicks till you get there):
2) Scroll down to: InfoTrac® PowerSearch
3) Keep scrolling to: General OneFile. (click on it)
4) Click on: Browse Publications.
In the search box type in the title of a magazine you would like to read.  For example: to see the publication, Guitar Player, type "guitar" in the search box, then click on Guitar Player to view past issues. To see past issues of Transworld Skateboarding magazine, type in "skateboarding" in the search box.  Explore.  If you have any questions, send me an email or stop by my desk in the Library.
There are MANY more magazines, journals, newspapers, etc. available to read through the Library's paid online research databases, because what are the online databases, but a scanned, digitized collection of magazines, academic journals, and newspapers.

The H-W Library has over 100 magazines subscriptions.  You can check them out for the same amount of time (3 weeks) as a book.  H-W Library magazines are kept for 2 years.  They are out on the shelves for 6 months, and then housed in the closed stacks.  If you want an issue older than 6 months just request it through the online catalog or visit the Reference Desk on the 2nd floor and staff there will retrieve it for you.  The Young Adult area has 11 magazine subscriptions: