Thursday, October 11, 2012

Star Wars Symposium

Calling all Star Wars Geeks: 
 Feel the Force at the Library!   
Costume Contest, Trivia Contest, Show and Tell, Xbox Gaming, and Historical Presentation. Revel in all things Star Wars. Appropriate for ages 6 and older.  Children under 8 must have a parent or guardian present.  Experience this fun event, run by Scituate Teen Librarian Peter Struzziero, that over 2000 Star Wars fans in Massachusetts are already raving about. 

There will be lots of things going on, like: 
  • Star Wars games set up on XBOX360 to play.
  • Show and Tell - bring toys, collectibles, anything Star Wars - a prize will be given for the best item.
  • Dress Up - feel free to dress up like a Star Wars character, a prize will be given for the best costume.
  • Presentation from a Star Wars expert, so bring your Star Wars questions, anything you've always wondered, something you need explained, Peter Struzziero will be here to chit chat with you about it.
  • We will also have Star Wars Trivia - whoever answers the most questions correctly will win a prize.

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