Thursday, February 21, 2013

Teen Think Tank Enters 2013 Teen Video Challenge

For the second year the Library's teen advisory board, the Teen Think Tank, has entered the Teen Video Challenge contest sponsored by the Collaborative Summer Library Program.  The challenge is to interpret the 2013 teen summer reading slogan: Beneath the Surface, with a 30 to 90 second video.  Best of luck Teen Think Tank!

Ideas for the video were generated by the Teen Think Tank over a couple of meetings. The script for the video was written by Josh Hunt.  The video was directed and edited by Nathan Mente.  The actors are: Ella Hunt, Larissa Louissaint, Jeffrey Mente, Chris Shepard, and Nate Shepard.  I know there were a couple of "visions" cut from the contest version so that it would conform to the time limit.  Maybe there is hope for an extended version or Director's cut? 
To see other contest entries from Massachusetts, go to YouTube and search: 2013-TVC-MA. Leave off the state abbreviation to see entries from around the country.