Friday, July 23, 2010

Seaside Thriller

The She by Carol Plum-Ucci
The She is thriller that takes place along and off the South Jersey shore.  Something called Ella Diablo Agujero (she-devil of the hole)  has been eating boats to freighter ships for over a century.  Since Evan Barrett was a child he can sense and hear when The She is present.  "My dad says he believes in something out there, though he doesn't say it when Mom's around, because she starts in on him.  I don't talk about The She, but I'm always listening, waiting." (page 8)  One night when Evan is nine he hears his parents on the ship to shore radio as something takes their freighter and sucks it under.  The story does a fast forward to Evan, who is now seventeen, and living with his older brother Emmett.  Evan is sent to visit Grey, a classmate who has checked herself in to a mental-health facility after a boating accident.  Evan and Grey begin to help each other with their personal demons and nightmarish experiences.  The She treads a creepy line between reality and the unexplained and possibly supernatural.  Is there a rational explanation for The She, or is there a hungry and jealous being in the deep sea?  My rating: 3 stars

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